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Solar Plexus Cryatal Chakra Candle

Solar Plexus Cryatal Chakra Candle

SKU: 21554345656

Sanskrit Name: Manipura

Affirmation: I CAN

Chakra color: Yellow

Chakra element: Fire

Chakra Location: 3rd chakra  - waistline, 2 inches above naval


Disconnect from this chakra can present as: digestive issues, gastric ulcers, liver or adrenal fatigue, eating disorders, lack of self-esteem or confidence, inability to self-nourish/care


*Information provided is for general informational and educational purposes, and is not a substitute for professional health or medical advise.


  • Manipura

    We use a 70/30 organic coconut/soy wax blend to create a slow, even melt from first lighting to last flicker. Each crystal is hand-selected for their unique properties and laid out in a custom crystal grid. No two candles are exactly alike.


    Crystals include: Yellow Citrine - stregthens will and courage, purifies our center. Tiger's Eye - unclog, uncloud, clarity, purification and protection


    Essential oil/fragrance: Pink Graprefruit


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