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Buy Iphone 8 Or X

I was given an iphone from the vA for homeless veterans. I have had an iphone 5S and a 4. This is way better than both with 3gb of ram and 64gb hD. the only thing I dont like is I cant use the included headphones while charging it.

buy iphone 8 or x

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I was having this problem with my iphone x that without putting on speaker i was unable to hear anything from other person on call, i have followed the steps mentioned and finally after doing reset of network settings i was able to hear now without putting on speaker, really appreciate the team for solving my problem. It was really helpful, i am very happy now with my phone

I have the same problem. Brand new iphone X ,Tried two different carriers and two different covers. I keep getting told that my voice fades in and out. Strange Apple claim to have never heard of this problem when so many people are getting it. There is a big problem here ,an expensive phone that does not do its job as a phone. I have also tried 3g 4g wireless assist. Nothing seems to solve this problem ( including the previous tips listed.)

Have you already tried to update it to the latest iOS? (11.2.5). The only thing that comes to mind is try to reset it to factory settings. It takes some elbow grease to factory reset it but could help with the issue. If not, your iphone is still under warranty and Apple support should be able to help you or give you a replacement device. Thanks for your comment Kieth.

I have had the same problem. After hours with support and doing all of the above I was given a new phone. The new phone is doing the same. I am very disappointed and frustrated. I got this iphone X in order to have the best for my business. I cannot talk to clients and struggle to hear their every word and them have the same problem with my clarity!! Apple Help!!! This is horrible! 041b061a72


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