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The games will be broadcast in high definition and will be streamed live via the FOX Sports app. The FOX Sports app, available to iOS and Android devices, provides live streaming video of FOX Sports content along with highlights and instant alerts for scores and key plays. Fans can download the mobile app for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Streaming on the FOX Sports app is also available on connected devices, including on AppleTV, Android TV, FireTV, Roku and Xbox One.

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Emmer also hosted a show named "Two Minute Minor" where she laced up her skates and hit the ice with members of the mens hockey team.Emmer completed her time at SCSU this spring, but is taking online courses over the summer to complete her degree. Emmer will receive representation from STAA for a full year as she looks for her first sports broadcasting job following graduation. "I'm excited for my next step into this exciting career and will always be proud to be a Husky!" said Emmer. She is the first person from UTVS to receive the award, as well as the first female.The award has been around since 2009, and receives hundreds of applicants from across the country each year.

Fast forward eight months, Bohlig works as a reporter for the Liberty Flames Sports Network at Liberty University. She has been featured on ESPN3 covering the Liberty football team, and also works on their sports show "Game On".

Bohlig originally attend Minnesota State Mankato where she played on the golf team. She decided to change her major and transferred to St. Cloud State University. She is also a native to St. Cloud, so she was already very familiar with the university as well as the area. She ended up staying at St. Cloud State for two years. In her time here, she was a member of Husky Mag, was a sports anchor for UTVS News, was a sideline reporter for the basketball teams as well as football, and in her final year here became the Ice Side Reporter for Husky Productions.

Otte was heavily involved in student media at St. Cloud State. Beyond HP, Otte was also part of UTVS News and co-produced original content on a show called AVFuzz that featured live music and action sports. They would travel and shoot live performances at First Avenue and often-frequented Powder Ridge to feature snowboarders and skiers.

"The biggest challenge was the fact that there were many different kinds of facets and workflows that all had to be tied together," he says. "The news, sports. They also have a student lab for editing a remote field gear. A lot of different pieces had to come together to make this whole system work."

Sports Video Group The Sports Video Group (SVG) and National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) partnered to shine a spotlight on the very best in college-sports video at the ninth-annual College Sports Media Awards, sponsored by Ross Video.

The station generates a variety of programming ranging from live local news five days a week, Spanish news, sports including hockey, basketball and football, and music programming. There is also a selection of non-live programs, including a movie review show, sports highlights, and general entertainment and community affairs programming.

He goes on, "We plan on archiving all our sports melts and broadcasts, as well as all of our news features and production material, for five or ten years to come. We also anticipate eventually archiving all of our standard definition archives, which amounts to thousands of tapes, and making them digital H.264 or MPEG-2 files for ease of access."

He concludes, "EditShare gives us the flexibility to have our producers and editors access all of their content from any computer on the EditShare network, which allows for greater collaboration and time saving. Furthermore, the central storage of all of sports, news and historical content in combination with Flow asset management provides for the most efficient access to required material. With news and other production content available to all of our students, we can facilitate easier collaboration and editing, which increases the productivity of our workflows. It was the right move to install EditShare."

UTVS is a student-run organization with more than 100 students and a faculty advisor. Today, UTVS provides live coverage of news, sports and entertainment, with two daily live newscasts each weekday, and numerous sports and entertainment programmingall student produced.

The switcher of choice was a Grass Valley Karrera, which operates in dual-suite mode. A two M/E panel was purchased for news productions, while a three M/E panel was purchased for sports productions. A soft panel was purchased for smaller productions and remote control. A Summit 3G Production Client serves as a four-channel clipstore, with integrated fill-and-key channels. The dual suite mode, along with assignable resources allows flexibility in productions.

Ceremony in Las Vegas on Monday, April 18, 2016 as part of BEAs annual convention. During the ceremony, recipients will be recognized with a specialized screening of their winning project and a cash award of $1,000 from the Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation. The 2016 Best of Festival winners were selected from a pool of over 1,500 entries, representing over 175 colleges and universities in the following competitions: audio, documentary, interactive multimedia, news, scriptwriting, sports, two-year/small colleges and video." 041b061a72


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