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The Longing - Patty Gurdy (Hurdy Gurdy Music)

Patty released her first EP, Shapes & Patterns, on 2 March 2018.[10] This included 3 original tracks and 3 cover songs. She released a single entitled Run on 30 August 2019.[11] A second single, Oil, premiered on 13 September 2019.[12] On 27 September 2019 she released her first full-length album, Pest & Power, which was composed mostly of original work.[13][14] This album featured many guest appearances from well-known names, including Faun.[15] During this time, she also wrote music for the Amazon Prime Video series Carnival Row.[16] On 22 November 2019 Patty released the single Grieve No More (Extended Version),[17] a song written for that series. Another EP was released on 20 November 2020, entitled Frost & Faeries[18] and including a Christmas-themed collaboration between Patty Gurdy and Fiddler's Green, The Yule Fiddler (Christmas Time is Coming 'Round Today).[19] Her cover of Bad Habits (originally by Ed Sheeran) was released on 30 October 2021.[20] In addition to playing the hurdy-gurdy, she also recorded the nyckelharpa for this single. Another single, Universe Night & Day, premiered on 24 May 2022.[21] This song was released alongside the instrumental version, Universe Night & Day (Instrumental).

The Longing - Patty Gurdy (Hurdy Gurdy Music)

She formed her live band Patty Gurdy's Circle with members of Subway to Sally. The band's musicians were Bodenski, Simon Michael, and Ingo Hampf, along with Patty, who added vocals and the hurdy-gurdy.[22] Together they released one single, entitled Kalte Winde, on 23 April 2020.[23] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Patty Gurdy's Circle was forced to disband.

Her collaborations include ASP,[5] Alestorm,[24] Faun,[25] and Ayreon.[26] She has also worked with the metal band Scardust. In July 2019, she went on tour with Scardust in the United Kingdom.[27][28] On 22 March 2022 she played her first concert outside of Europe with Scardust in Israel,[29] which was livestreamed on Play2Fund.[30][31] Patty was originally supposed to play this concert in March of 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was not allowed to travel into Israel. Instead, she sent videos of herself to be shown at the Scardust concert without her. She guests in Scardust's music video for their song Concrete Cages, on which she played the hurdy-gurdy and sang.[32] Patty also appears in dArtagnan's single Farewell (released in 2021), in addition to performing live with the band.[33][34] In 2022, she collaborated with metal band Silverlane on their song Für Immer und Ewig.[35] On 17 June 2022 Patty announced that she arranged part of the soundtrack for the video game Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure (part of the Earthlock series of video games).[36][37] On 8 July 2022 she released her part of the soundtrack as the single Piratehog Chant.[38] 041b061a72


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