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Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Samsung Ml-2160 23

That's not "the same thing" at all. This thread is about a Samsung printer's evil efforts to reject a working toner cartridge with a "We disagree with your rights, therefore your toner cartridge is incompatible" message and a refusal to print on political, not technical grounds. Your message, on the other hand, is about a different manufacturer's printer having trouble with its toner, and your interesting solution of baking it in the oven. That will not fix the Samsung problem here unless you accidentally clean the contacts in the process.

Printer Toner Reset Firmware Fix Samsung Ml-2160 23


I have the same model of printer but I have never had such problems.... Have you ever replaced the toner? Are you sure that you bought the right model or was it qualitative enough? It is very important! I have seen here a lot of toners for almost all printer models but I have never tried it. Although the reviews of this shop are positive. Have you ever tried it?

Firmware for the printer was probably upgraded along with your drivers. All the new drivers make anything but Samsung toner incompatible. If you have the original installation disk, delete the drivers you are currently using. Use your original installation CD ROM and reinstall the original drivers.

I had the "toner not compatible" message on the printer and it would not print. What I did was unscrewed the plastic piece containing the little circuit board with the four contacts. This plastic piece covers the entire rear face of the toner cartridge. Once you remove the two screws, it easily unclips. I then replaced the plastic assembly from the defective cartridge with the one from my working cartridge that I was replacing.

The printer that is refusing to accept it is at a higher Samsung software revision level than the printer that accepts it. Because Samsung apparently under took this intentionally, I acquired a Xerox printer to be my longer term solution. I will use the Samsung printer only until the toner that I now have, runs out. I had to throw away A couple $100 worth of toner because of this software upgrade.

My solution once I finish using the existing genuine Samsung toner cartridges that I was forced to purchase at an outrageous price, is to junk the Samsung and, since HP is the owner of Samsung at this point, I will absolutely ignore any HP offering and instead will purchase a Xerox or Canon as a replacement laser printer.

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