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Download Komentator FIFA 22: The Best Voices for Every Language and Mode

There are multiple ways you can change Languages in FIFA 22. The first way is when you install the game from the EA Client App on the PC Desktop. Before you Install, the EA will ask you to download the game in a specific directory along with asking you your preferred Language. Another way to change it is whenever you log into FIFA 22, it will ask you in what language you want to load up FIFF 22 in. They will come with their names and respective Flags. Scroll through and select your language of choice.

download komentator fifa 22

77% percent of FIFA 22 sales were digital downloads during the first week after its release, which is a significant jump from 62% for last year's installment in the franchise, FIFA 21.[45] As of December 2021, EA stated that over 9 million copies of FIFA 22 were sold worldwide, with more than 460 million matches played.[46][47] Data analytics firm, GFK, stated that FIFA 22 was the top-selling game in 17 out of 19 European nations covered within their research, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe following closely behind.[48]


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