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California Home Buying Assistance Fixed

There are a number of homebuyer assistance and loan programs available through the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA). View the federal, state, and local programs and resources below for program specifics and eligbility requirements.

california home buying assistance

Search for counseling agencies, learn about predatory lending, and research other potential homebuyer assistance programs with the HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agencies in California for Homebuyer Education list.

Home Preservation & Prevention (HPP) CARES is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved housing counseling agency based in Long Beach. HPP CARES provide financial education on a range of topics from first home-buying and preventing foreclosure (mortgage relief & forbearance options), to the sound use of credit and effective debt management.For more information, please visit or call 562.281.8861 Phone assistance 24/7Address 145 W Broadway Long Beach Ca 90802 Nearest Cross Street Pine and Pacific Metered Parking

The Citrus Heights First-Time Homebuyer Program is a Down Payment Assistance Program. If you want to purchase a home within the City of Citrus Heights but need assistance with financing the down payment, you may be eligible for a low-interest loan for up to $40,000 through this program.

The State of California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) has handy online calculators to determine your mortgage payment and the home price you can afford. CalHFA offers several program that may be used with CalHFA loans and as stand-alone assistance. some of these programs may be combined with Citrus Heights programs.

Different cities within Alameda County provide assistance for Low Income families or First Time Homebuyers. On a City-by-City basis, down payment assistance, silent second mortgage programs or below market rate units may be available to assist you and your family in purchasing a home. Contact Information For Each City (20Kb)*

Many First Time Homebuyers and Low Income Families require assistance with credit repair, budgeting, counseling, or financial literacy in order to qualify for a mortgage or get ready to buy that first home. Several community organizations provide counseling to individuals and families looking to purchase homes in Alameda County. Click here for a list of programs.

ECHO Housing offers classes on how to find, qualify for, and buy a home as well as debt and financial education and counseling. You can also obtain information about down payment assistance, first-time homebuyer programs, housing counseling, mortgage products and more. 041b061a72


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