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100 TOEIC Preparation Tests

PHOTOCOPIABLE english-testTOEIC tests / Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 1Bearing InformationQ1 Try and be a little more cheerful because if you don't bear ....... soon, you'll make everyone else miserable.(a) through (b) along (c) up (d) toQ2 We were in a small rowing boat and were terrified that the steamer hadn't seen us as it was bearing ....... onus.(a) down (b) across (c) over (d) underQ3 I fully understand your comments and bearing those in ......., I have made the appropriate decision.(a) brain (b) mind (c) thought (d) senseQ4 As we have all worked very hard this year, I'm hoping that our efforts will bear ........(a) produce (b) benefits (c) yields (d) fruitQ5 We all have our ....... to bear so I should be grateful if you would stop complaining all the time.(a) problems (b) situations (c) crosses (d) resultsQ6 There is really nothing much you can do to stop it and I'm afraid you'll just have to ....... and bear it.(a) scorn (b) grin (c) laugh (d) smileQ7 I hope you can be patient for a little longer and bear ....... me while I try and solve the problem.(a) by (b) on (c) at (d) withQ8 She has been proved right in everything she did as the report quite clearly bears ........(a) out (b) to (c) for (d) ontoQ9 The judge dismissed the new evidence completely because it had no bearing ....... the trial.(a) to (b) on (c) into (d) byQ10 Quite honestly the two cases are so completely different that they really don't bear ........(a) confirmation (b) contrast (c) comprehension (d) comparisonAnswers Index

100 TOEIC Preparation Tests

PHOTOCOPIABLE english-testTOEIC tests / Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 2CinemasQ1 Her latest film ....... its object in a very short space of time, which was to shock.(a) acquired (b) got (c) attained (d) controlledQ2 The critics ....... to praise the work of this director whatever films he makes.(a) run (b) continue (c) persist (d) insistQ3 The film was the first to show conditions in which poor people lived and as such was to ....... future directors.(a) influence (b) hold (c) infect (d) showQ4 The only reason for them going to the cinema on that day was to find some form of ........(a) internment (b) involvement (c) engrossment (d) entertainmentQ5 The director's intention in making the film was to try and ....... simplicity as seen by a child.(a) report (b) reprehend (c) represent (d) comprehendQ6 The fans outside the cinema on the first showing of the film were unwilling to ....... until all the stars had gonehome.(a) dispose (b) displace (c) discover (d) disperseQ7 The delay in ....... the film to the general public was because certain scenes were considered tasteless.(a) replacing (b) repeating (c) releasing (d) reportingQ8 The theme of the second film is quite simply a ....... of the first.(a) construction (b) continuation (c) continuum (d) continuingQ9 In the making of the film the direction is quite ....... from the financing of the project.(a) separate (b) separation (c) separately (d) separatesQ10 Very often someone will give a ....... of a film and when you see it for yourself, it's quite different.(a) describing (b) describes (c) described (d) descriptionAnswers Index

PHOTOCOPIABLE english-testTOEIC tests / Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 4Mistaken IdentityQ1 Interviewer: Perhaps you could start by telling us why you've ........(a) obtained for this job(c) intended for this job(b) applied for this job(d) asked for this jobQ2 Candidate: I think the main reason is because I like working in ........(a) the free air (b) the clear air (c) the pure air (d) the open airQ3 Interviewer: You mean you like the idea of an office with ........(a) air control (b) air managment (c) air conditioning (d) air conditionQ4 Candidate: I'm sorry I don't understand what you're ........(a) in about (b) on about (c) for about (d) off aboutQ5 Interviewer: I should have thought this was ........(a) clear obvious (b) mostly obvious (c) pretty obvious (d) mainly obviousQ6 Candidate: Not to me, ........(a) it isn't (b) it can't be (c) it won't be (d) it will beQ7 Interviewer: I think there must be a mistake, I ........(a) put it you're Mr Johnson(c) place it you're Mr Johnson(b) take it you're Mr Johnson(d) try it you're Mr JohnsonQ8 Candidate: I'm Mr Jensen. I'm afraid it's a case of ........(a) mistaken personality(c) mistaken person(b) mistaken character(d) mistaken identityQ9 Interviewer: So you're not after the job of guardian, ........(a) I presume (b) I pretend (c) I prefer (d) I previewQ10 Candidate: No, sorry as I said I like working outside, I want to be a gardener, ........(a) if you don't care (b) if you don't agree (c) if you don't mind (d) if you don't seeAnswers Index

PHOTOCOPIABLE english-testTOEIC tests / Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 5Speaking: At the StationQ1 The train now ....... at the platform 6 is the 10 for London.(a) sitting (b) standing (c) waiting (d) remainingQ2 Unfortunately it is now 11 o'clock and so there is a ....... of 15 minutes already.(a) waiting (b) lateness (c) space (d) delayQ3 The train at platform 14 cannot leave because there is a power ....... on that particular line...(a) failure (b) miss (c) failing (d) missingQ4 The train for London at platform 6 is still there and is not ....... to leave for at least 20 minutes.(a) intended (b) expected (c) proposed (d) awaitedQ5 The small cafe situated near platform 6 is now ....... free cups of tea to those waiting for the London train.(a) discharging (b) dispensing (c) offering (d) disposingQ6 Severe storms last night together with heavy rainfall means that some of the lines of the station are now........(a) waterlogged (b) waterproof (c) water soaked (d) waterfallQ7 We thought for a moment that the 10 for London might be about to catch fire but it was a ....... alarm.(a) wrong (b) false (c) difficult (d) generalQ8 This is a general notice for all passengers: the restaurant in the main ....... is now open.(a) concord (b) conduit (c) concourse (d) conditionQ9 There was in fact a small fire in the train on platform 6 but we're glad to tell you that the flames have been........(a) distinguished (b) dampened (c) saturated (d) extinguishedQ10 We regret to announce that the 10 for London is now out of service because the driver is having a nervous........(a) breakdown (b) low down (c) breakout (d) low breakAnswers Index

PHOTOCOPIABLE english-testTOEIC tests / Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 7Speaking: At the TheatreQ1 Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you for your ....... of our performance.(a) appearance (b) appreciation (c) appeasement (d) apparitionQ2 We have done this play many times in different towns but your ....... has been the greatest so far.(a) appointment (b) application (c) apposition (d) applauseQ3 We will always remember the way you stood up and ....... at some of the speeches in the play.(a) clapped (b) clopped (c) clipped (d) clammedQ4 Our leading actor is unable to come on the stage at the moment because he is ....... with emotion.(a) overtaken (b) overdrawn (c) overcome (d) overturnedQ5 Don't worry I'm sure it's only ....... and that he'll soon recover before the next performance.(a) temperate (b) temporary (c) contemporary (d) temporarilyQ6 That is the reason why I am standing here and making this short ........(a) speak (b) speaking (c) spoke (d) speechQ7 The leading lady is also absent from our stage and you can probably hear her ....... her heart out as I speak.(a) sobbing (b) soaking (c) spitting (d) callingQ8 I think that the main ....... for all this emotion is probably the way you have reacted to the play.(a) ratio (b) reason (c) ration (d) rateQ9 You see throughout our ....... season we have never received so much laughter as we have from you.(a) currant (b) curious (c) current (d) curtainQ10 The reason for this is possibly that you thought it was a ....... but in fact it is a tragedy.(a) comic (b) comedy (c) comedian (d) comelyAnswers Index

PHOTOCOPIABLE english-testTOEIC tests / Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 8Speaking: The BroadcastQ1 Welcome to Radio News and now over to our ....... who's covering the procession this morning.(a) reviewer (b) reporter (c) announcer (d) introducerQ2 Hi listeners, I should explain that I have a ....... eye view of this magnificent sight as the parade passesunderneath me.(a) cat's (b) dog's (c) bird's (d) rat'sQ3 To tell you the truth I shouldn't be ....... up here on top of this large statue of Field Marshal Smith.(a) caught (b) catching (c) cornered (d) perchedQ4 There is a long line of soldiers on horseback marching to the sound of a ....... band.(a) copper (b) brass (c) zinc (d) aluminiumQ5 It really is quite uncomfortable up here and there's a policeman ....... at me, which I don't like.(a) spying (b) guiding (c) staring (d) starringQ6 After the soldiers I can see a group of circus ....... who are jumping and dancing as they go.(a) members (b) doers (c) actors (d) performersQ7 Next I can see some pensioners slowly moving along the road and some can't walk and are in ........(a) highchairs (b) low chairs (c) wheelchairs (d) pushchairsQ8 That policeman is getting out his ....... and walking near the statue I'm sitting on.(a) notebook (b) exercise book (c) storybook (d) copybookQ9 It has started to rain and I shall get ....... to the skin if I stay much longer up here.(a) sunk (b) suited (c) stuck (d) soakedQ10 Oh dear, listeners, I shall have to return you to the studio because the policeman says he is going to ....... me.(a) seize (b) arrest (c) grasp (d) holdAnswers Index

PHOTOCOPIABLE english-testTOEIC tests / Incomplete Sentences / Advanced level # 10AccountsQ1 In order to check all the telephone calls made during the month I want the account to be ........(a) detailed (b) particular (c) specialized (d) itemizedQ2 All the representatives are allowed to spend money for entertaining with their ....... account.(a) expensive (b) expending (c) expense (d) expensesQ3 To spread the cost of spending on articles you buy many big departments let you open a ........(a) credible (b) credit (c) credited (d) credulousQ4 Once you are earning money and you want to keep it safe, you can always ....... an account with a bank.(a) open (b) start (c) begin (d) commenceQ5 At the end of thirty days the company will ask you to ....... the account.(a) arrange (b) finish (c) end (d) settleQ6 The finance director is responsible for ....... the accounts for the business.(a) holding (b) keeping (c) taking (d) findingQ7 At the end of the financial year it is the responsibility of the chief finance officer to ....... the accounts.(a) print (b) edit (c) publish (d) directQ8 Before they got married, they decided to open a ....... account.(a) united (b) joint (c) unified (d) combinedQ9 If you have saved some money, it is a good idea to put the money into a ....... account.(a) heap (b) pile (c) lump (d) depositQ10 However hard I try, I find it impossible to account ....... this missing sum of money.(a) with (b) to (c) for (d) byAnswers Index 041b061a72


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