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Tokyo Town

A boom in the Japanese economy in the 1980s saw a flood of Japanese businesspeople arriving in Midtown, and this prosperity also paved the way for younger expats, who found the East Village more to their liking with its picturesque tenements, jazz and rock associations, and cheap rents. Some came here to attend NYU and stayed. Soon, the East Village became a mecca for Japanese twenty-somethings, and the empty storefronts furnished an opportunity to launch Tokyo-style businesses aimed at the slightly homesick new recruits, remaking izakayas, noodle shops, and sushi bars with an East Village flair.

Tokyo Town


Joined by her 33-year-old husband, their two teenage daughters and 5-year-old son, the family first moved into a town-managed apartment three years ago. They soon found a five-room house with a garden under a program in which the ownership of the dwelling and land will be transferred to them when they have lived there for 15 years.

People have moved to the town from as far as away as Hokkaido, and families that moved to the town through the rejuvenation programs have included some who were originally from the Philippines and China.

Taking an onsen is one of the most exciting experiences that you can have in Japan. It has been an essential part of Japanese culture for over centuries, visiting the onsen allows the Japanese to refresh and get rid of exhaustion from busy days. Japan boasts a large number of onsen resorts that can be found everywhere, and some of them are conveniently located near Tokyo. Taking a weekend trip to the relaxing onsen town helps you get unwind while exploring tourist attractions and taking in the impressive sceneries around as well. Here is a list of the best onsen towns near Tokyo!

Hakone is widely known as one of the most popular onsen towns in Japan. In fact for many people, the natural hot springs are the first thing that come to mind when thinking of Hakone. There are 17 hot spring sources in the area of Hakone, also known as Hakone Ju-nana-yu (Hakone 17), including the most famous Yumoto, Kowakudani and Sengoku. Each onsen area offers different water quality and subsequent health and/or beauty benefits. Some require bathing suits and others allow tattoos.

Kusatsu is a traditional onsen town that is located in Gunma prefecture. The town is famed for its high quality water and especially for its health benefits which are said to cure any kind of illness, except for lovesickness. The hot water field known as yubatake is the symbol of Kusatsu Onsen. A total of 32,000 liters of hot water gushes out of the hot spring per minute, and yubatake in the center of the town is the place where the piping hot water is cooled down. There are over 100 Japanese ryokan offering relaxing onsen experiences around the city. It also produces the largest amount of hot spring water as a solo onsen resort in Japan. Once you step into the city, you will soon realize the unique smell of sulfate that embraces the entire city!

Gunma Prefecture is also home to another famous hot spring destination called Ikaho. It is located on the foot of Mt. Haruna and is known for the 365 symbolic stone steps running through the main district of the village. On each side of the steps, you can find a variety of attractions such as traditional Japanese inns, gift shops, restaurants, and other entertainment spots. Explore the peaceful town along the stone steps until you finally reach Ikaho Shrine standing at the top. The colors of water of Ikaho also make it unique: golden and silver water that delivers different types of health benefits!

My experience at Tokyo town sushi was great... Got seated right away no wait... Withing a couple of minutes our waiter came to take out order... Service was great.. the appetizer came out fast... The baked mussels are really good those were my favorite... Also tried the rainbow roll... Always fresh! Can't remember the other rolls babe but it was good... December 2022 Great sushi large prices very fresh fiish. the rolls are great and a few of there own creations. The jalapeño poppers and the double double roll are to favs.Parking: Large parking lot sometimes you may have to walk a bit but mostly upfront parking availableWheelchair accessibility: No stairs to navigate and there's a large ramp to get up the curbside December 2022 Great food, service was great. Our server always checked up on us, gave us water, and made sure we were doing well. Food was fresh tasty and made pretty quickly. No wait time! Came here on a Friday afternoon.Food: 5/5 More Reviews(107) 041b061a72


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