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Peacemaker 2022 - 1 Stagione Action Advent...

At Camp Explore & Discover campers will be learning about the qualities of a peacemaker and how they themselves can notice, listen, act and take action as a peacemaker in our world and everyday lives.

Peacemaker 2022 - 1 stagione Action Advent...

Among IGOs, the challenge of collective action persists as a crucial issue (Kanol and Nat, 2021). In that, changing trends, demographical complexities, and the different causes pursued present overarching challenges to engage audiences (Aririguzoh, 2022). Thus, questions on how shared communication content influence engagement actions remain largely unaddressed (Joo et al., 2020; Komendantova et al., 2021). For instance, does communication content functions play any role in engaging users? also, in what forms are communication contents most pliable to engagement actions? These are some questions that remain relevant. Therefore, cognizance to the above background there is the need to understand the role of communications content functions on user engagement. This study thus seeks an understanding into communications content functions of IGOs on Twitter, as factors driving message retransmission, by pursuing the following questions:

As we approach the end of the year 2022, we mark 32 years in an ongoing legal battle to protect the Tent of Nations farm from the danger of confiscation. In the November 21 court session regarding the re-registration of our farm, we were informed that the next and hopefully final hearing has been scheduled for January 16, 2023. We covet your prayers for an outcome that recognizes our ownership of these ancestral lands. We will update you about advocacy actions that are needed, by the beginning of January. We will keep knocking on the doors until justice prevails.

Prayer: God of peace, you who made peace between us and yourself through the gift of your Son, you who bless the peacemakers, may the fruit of your Holy Spirit work peace in my heart and in my life, so that, through my actions, through my words, through my treatment of others, Christ would be known in this world. In the name of the one who made peace between us and you, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

January 16, 2022In today's message, Pastor Mark will conclude our current teaching series as he talks about how we move from awareness, to action, to impact in our generous lives. Our text today is from Acts 2 and 2 Corinthians 8. 041b061a72


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