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[S1E5] The Good Life

Billy tries to be a good Christian, following the teachings of his late sainted mother, Kathleen. Thanks to her loser husbands, she worked hard every day to provide for her boys even though she would never get ahead.

[S1E5] The Good Life


Now excuse me while I reach into my own golden rolodex to find the number of a sculptor friend to whom I can send these images, as a model for a statue I would forever be satiated to see on the lawn of my fictional grand Hamptons estate. The statue would need to capture the constellations of freckles, in their fiery heat, and the cerulean blue of the eyes, but my sculptor friend is really good, and she may just be able to pull it off.

The episode kicks off with Raff Hanks (John Cho) in a hospital fighting for his life. The circumstances that landed him there remain a mystery. Through flashbacks, we learn that Raff is a campaign manager who failed to get the previous president re-elected. While Raff turns to booze, he eventually learns that an 11-year-old YouTube sensation Oliver Foley (Jacob Tremblay) posted a video declaring his plan to run for president.

Sara Barton: Hello, my name is Sara Barton and I'm the University Chaplain at Pepperdine University. Welcome to Pepperdine's Spiritual live podcast. A podcast about how people in our community, along with our friends and guests, are finding and joining God's good work in the world. Jesus said, "Seek and you shall find," and I will be talking to people who are doing just that. Let's get started.Sara Barton: Today, my guest is Hip-Hop and spoken word artist Propaganda, Jason Petty. Which do you like to come first Jason Petty, Propaganda?Propaganda: It depends on who's calling. If it's the bills then-Sara Barton: Jason.Propaganda: Let's go with Prop.

Sara Barton: Word of life for our students and actually for the Malibu community. Thank you for coming out to Malibu and giving us a word of life. After the fires and some of the trauma we've been through, that was awesome.

Propaganda: Google it. Google a phone book, yeah. So, we found a church there and I think I was just a product of really good youth ministry. I think my Sunday School teacher just at youth camp ... It was like, oh yeah, I think, yeah I'm with it. Just somewhere in middle school something, but I didn't have this radical, I was doing this and then I was doing that. It was just one of those, huh, yeah I rock with that.

Sara Barton: It's awesome. Two, three people. A three person play, it's awesome. I've seen it done on Martin Luther King Day in Detroit and stuff. Yeah, it's really good and imagines that conversations. It's pretty cool, anyway.

Propaganda: Yeah, I was pretty well taught. At the same time, I think that the limits of either their scope of ... Now I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt knowing you have so many different stages and phases of life in a room, that how deep do you go into like, here's the ins and outs of Hinduism and when you meet a Hindu. Can you really go into that with your 17 year olds.

Propaganda: I mean I made my share of mistakes. I, praise the Lord, didn't get a girl pregnant. Wasn't without trying, but praise God it didn't happen. I had the where with all to know that ... Don't try this at home, but it was the reality of that's not the person I want to be. It was a real moment where I was like, I don't want to sleep around. It's not that, again, this fear that God's going to rip the roof open and stop all of time and expose my nakedness. It was just more like, huh, I don't want to live that life.

Sara Barton: So, just examples for people that might not know. This is Gospel, God, our sins, praying, everyone life, you go listen to it versus Crooked Way, these halos stay balanced on the tip of our horn.

Sara Barton: Those are different, there's more. To love is hard living, but it's life it's who we are. It's messy and uncomfortable and complicated, but so is a star. I mean those are awesome, but that's a theological journey. What happened?

Propaganda: Yes, which is great. I'm glad you said that because ... It's also, although it was a commission, and it wasn't necessarily where I was theologically, it's probably where I was cognitively. In the sense that, in your early 20's you know everything and just life is-

Propaganda: I don't know, dude. So, I try to place myself in that moment, whatever I'm grappling with, any theological turning point in my life where I'm just like, hey dude, nothing's off the table. You may have this all wrong and I flash to Acts 8 and poor Peter.

Propaganda: I wanted to give perspective of saying like hey, politics, they're not abstract. These are not abstract concepts. Just like you don't believe that Jesus is abstract, you believe your salvation ain't abstract. Salvation's real and it's really happening to you, so I'm like, well that's what politics are. It's not just ideas, "I just believe in the Conservative idea." I'm like, well, conserving what first? That's a translative verb, so what are you conserving? So I'm like, I believe in conserving life and how I think conserving life-

Propaganda: Yeah, when it comes to life, which means that maybe we should have some police reform because it's not conserving life. You're being very liberal with our blood, how about that. So, I think that I wanted to bring that into the thing and just say hey, stop thinking about these things in the abstract. These are happening to actual people and you're a one person, you're not a ... You're one person and see all of this colliding because that's how your life is. You have a job, you got family, you got traffic, it's all happening now to one you. You can't put it away, it's all you, so I wanted to make an album that made you feel like that.

Sara Barton: I'm working on a sermon, 2 Samuel, David and Bathsheba right now and with the Me Too movement, you just can't help ... As much as you may have seen some of it before 10 years ago, 20 year ago, right now there's just something in there. So, how are you feeling the Me Too movement, just in your life, in your context?

Propaganda: That's good. Even with that, I look at David and I go, yeah, it's cool, but he's a poet. A poet ain't masculine, quote unquote and realizing how much of my understanding of masculinity is Victorian, which doesn't mean it's Biblical, it's just Victorian. I'm not an alpha male, I'm competitive but I'm competitive with myself in the sense of, I feel like if I'm amazing at something, I'm going to be amazing at something and I'm going to prove it to everybody else, but I don't need to defeat you in everything. I'm fine, I don't need to be in charge all the time. I don't like being in charge.

Sara Barton: We're doing one thing with this podcast we'll do now because I believe God speaks through the words of scripture, so I'm going to read from Isaiah and I just want to ask you, how does this passage inform our search for God? We're people searching for God, searching to join God's good work in this world and I'm curious what you think about this passage. So, here's what it says, from Isaiah 58.

Propaganda: In my own life I think about getting to places on time. I think about being ready for sound check, having paperwork turned in, being attentive in meeting and stuff like that. It's not so much because I want to, it's just I'm trying to carry out this posture that you're wanting me to.

Propaganda: Yeah, it may look good. I can put together ... I'm a professional communicator, I can put together words, I can do that, but am I carrying the posture of the little homie that mics me. Am I look him in the eye, am I asking him his name? Am I going to hand it back to him? Am I going to yell at the sound guy? "What are you doing?" Nah, carrying a posture that is in the back of my mind knowing that I'm talking to an image bearer, rather than just carrying out these acts of outward manifestations of what somebody may perceive as holiness.

Back to the past after Kate giving birth. Johnny tells Tully she wants to keep the dog that he gave them. Johnny is emotional and tells Tully that he wants his little family to be safe and Marah to never suffer. Tully seems emotional, hanging on to every word. She never had that upbringing of feeling protected, and it suddenly hits her that she missed such an important segment of her life due to her incapable mother.

Homelander also makes a special trip to see Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue), who chides him for not giving a more moderate speech. Being a creep, he dismisses her whole life as unimportant, even calling her baby an accessory.

In episode 5, The New Normal, Juliana and Joe return to their home cities after their missions in the Neutral Zone. Each undergoes a debriefing and must try to navigate the tense atmosphere of their respective empires. Frank tries to put the pieces of his life back together after the deaths in his family and his aborted assassination attempt. Tagomi and Wegener try to complete their mission before getting Wegener out of San Francisco. Kido begins his investigation into the shooting of the crown prince, with the knowledge that, according to Japanese custom, his life depends on bringing the shooter to justice.

We've just added this simple timeline of the case to our Maps, Photos, Etc. page. It covers the major events in the year and a half from when Hae went missing to when Adnan was sentenced to life in prison. We'll have a much more detailed timeline of Jan. 13, 1999 coming later this week. ... Read More

Hart tells Gilbough and Papania he was promoted to detective sergeant after the case wrapped and he got back together with his wife. Cohle received a commendation for bravery and dated a doctor named Laurie. Years later, Hart laments that he didn't appreciate the good times with his wife and daughters when he should have. Gilbough and Papania steer the conversation to 2002, the year Cohle quit the police force. The year recalls for Hart his daughter, Audrey, being picked up by police after she was found in a car with two boys in states of undress. Enraged, Hart slapped Audrey, causing both his daughter and wife to recoil. 041b061a72


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